Indoor Range Rules

  1. Members and Non-Members will be required sign off on all Safety Rules and Procedures annually.
  2. A valid driver's license or other state/government issued photo ID is required each time you visit the range.
  3. The license or ID of everyone over the age of twenty-one (21) will be held by the club during your visit and returned after you are finished using the range.
  4. Customers under the age of twenty-one (21) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to use the Indoor Pistol/Rifle Range.
  5. All Gateway Gun Club Staff commands must be followed immediately. When hearing the command, "Cease Fire", immediately stop shooting and remove your finger from the trigger. Keep your firearm pointed downrange and wait for further instruction.
  6. Treat all firearms as if they were loaded at all times and always keep pointed in a safe direction.
  7. Keep your finger off the trigger and on the frame until you are on target and ready to fire.
  8. Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times while in the firing range.
  9. When entering and exiting the firing range only allow one door to be open at a time to limit the noise level in the retail area.
  10. Pistols and rifles must NOT be removed from holsters or cases anywhere on Gateway Gun Club property except while in an assigned shooting booth. Customers handling pistols or rifles where prohibited may be asked to leave Gateway Gun Club property immediately.
  11. If you need to exit the shooting booth and leave your firearm, the firearm must be unloaded, pointed downrange, slide locked open and/or cylinder open.
  12. All firearms must be kept pointed downrange when unholstered or uncased. Failure to control muzzle direction will result in immediate removal from the firing range.
  13. No food or drink permitted in the range area.
  14. Smoking is prohibited anywhere inside the Gateway Gun Club Clubhouse.
  15. If you have a jammed or malfunctioning firearm, place the firearm on the bench with the muzzle pointed downrange and then seek assistance from a Gateway Gun Club Staff Member. DO NOT remove the firearm from the shooting booth until a Gateway Gun Club Staff Member has cleared the weapon.
  16. No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol is allowed on Gateway Gun Club property.
  17. Only ammunition purchased from Gateway Gun Club will be allowed for use in rental weapons.
  18. A maximum of two (2) people may share one shooting booth.
  19. No one is permitted forward of the firing line for any reason unless under direct authorization from a Gateway Gun Club Staff Member. Brass falling forward of the firing line will not be allowed to be recovered. Other items (magazines, ammunition, etc.) that fall forward of the firing line will remain where they fell until a Gateway Gun Club Staff Member is able to create a safe condition to retrieve the item(s).
  20. Firing at anything other than your own target is prohibited. Firing a shot that results in damage to the range or range equipment may result in a repair fee and your removal from the range.
  21. NEVER pass/hand a loaded firearm to another person. Place the firearm on the shooting bench and allow the other person to pick up the firearm from the bench.
  22. Do not exchange firearms with a customer in another shooting booth. Switch booths not firearms.
  23. Only one loaded firearm per shooting booth is allowed at any time. Multiple firearms are allowed, but firearms not currently in use must be positioned on the shooting bench pointed downrange and unloaded.
  24. Appropriate sized targets, placed at eye level, must be utilized to ensure that your shots strike the backstop and not the floor, ceiling or target carrier. Gateway Gun Club Staff has the right to prohibit any targets they deem unsafe or offensive.
  25. Drawing from a holster is prohibited unless with permission from, and under the supervision of Gateway Gun Club Staff.
  26. Firearms approved for range usage are handguns up to .50 caliber, rifles up to .223/5.56 caliber. No shotguns or black powder firearms of any kind are allowed.
  27. Gateway Gun Club does not allow any civilian owned fully automatic weapons on its property.
  28. Suppressed (Silenced) weapons are allowed with proper paperwork. Anyone wishing to shoot a silenced weapon must inform Staff before shooting and present paperwork for inspection.
  29. Report all violations of safety rules and procedures to a Gateway Gun Club Staff Member immediately.
  30. Gateway Gun Club reserves the right to refuse service to any individual who we believe would endanger customers or staff.
  31. Any unsafe conduct may result in immediate dismissal from Gateway Gun Club property.
  32. Accidental discharges, damage, or injuries, no matter how minor, must be reported to Gateway Gun Club Staff immediately.
  33. Do to possible lead contamination, women who are pregnant or who believe they may be pregnant are advised to not enter the shooting range for the safety of their unborn child.
  34. Do not throw any unfired ammunition or empty shells into the trash containers.
  35. No tracer, armor piercing, or military surplus ammunition is allowed to be used at the range.
  36. Cleaning of firearms is prohibited on the range.
  37. All firearms and ammunition is subject to inspection by Gateway Gun Club Staff Members.
  38. All rifle fire must be aimed fire, no shooting from the hip or bump stock fired weapons allowed.
  39. It is strongly advised that you wash your hands when finished shooting and prior to eating, drinking or smoking.
  40. Strict adherence to these rules at all times while on Gateway Gun Club property and while on the firing range will help prevent accidents and/or injuries.
  41. *** Rules subject to change without prior notice ***