Shooting Hours:

Mon, Wed, Fri 2-7

Tu & Th 10-7

Sat & Sun 10-5

Gateway Gun Club, Inc

13547 Missouri Bottom Road

Bridgeton, MO 63044                                                       

Phone: 314-344-1050

Trap and Skeet Leagues:

Gateway Gun Club has Trap and Skeet leagues. Leagues typically run around 10 weeks. Trap league is on Thursday, Skeet league is on Tuesday. All league shots are fired after 4 P.M. 

2017 Gateway Gun Club Trap League

SPRING LEAGUE Begins on April 6 and ends  May 25,

8 weeks

SUMMER LEAGUE Begins on June 1 and ends August 3,14 weeks

FALL LEAGUE Begins on September 7 and ends October 26, 8 weeks                                                                             
Entry Fee - $100.00 per team, non-refundable 
Cost - $16.00 a week per person. ( $13.00 targets, $2.50 target kitty, and $ .50 entry fee kitty )  Cost includes prize money, shooting, and taxes.  Last two weeks paid in advance. $ 32.00 Last 2 weeks $ 16.00 First night $ 20.00 Share of team entry fee  $ 68.00 per person for a 5 man team due on first night  ( $340.00 per team) 
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Team Cost - $16.00 per person or $ 80.00 per team after first week.  Each team will receive  $ .05 for each target they break.  Balance of target kitty will be divided up in four places, ( 40-30-20-10% ) to the teams with the most broken targets. 
Program – 50 Handicap targets.  6 points possible each week, 2 points for high total and 2 points each for first and second 25 birds. It is the responsibility of each captain to determine the correct handicap yardage for his team each week.  All weekly points will be forfeited to the opposing team if you shoot from the wrong yardage. 
Handicap – All teams start at 20 yards on the first night.  Then yardage goes by team average.  Example – Team score is 214 divided by 10= 21.4.  The next week the team shoots from the 22 yard line.                      

Average:           Yardage:          

20.5                     21

21                        22

21.5                     23

22                        24

22.5                     25

23                        26

23.5                     27

  League Rules 1. ATA rules. 2. No show for team means “0” score. 3. Blind will be 80% of the score shot by team that night. 4. A team must have 5 shooters per night or use a blind or blinds. 5. A team can have as many as ten shooters with subs. 6. A shooter can have a pre-shoot for a designated day. Limit of 2 pre-shoots per league session. If extra pre-shoots are needed, you will be penalized 2 yards. 7. Ties split points. 8. Ties on points at the end of the league will be broken by total targets broken. 

2016 Gateway Gun Club Skeet League 

There will be an organizational meeting on March 28th, 2016 at 6pm.

Shooting will begin on April 4th, 2017